Available Services


  • Copyediting

  • Formatting

  • Indexing

  • Polishing

  • Proofreading

  • Rewriting

  • Wordsmithery

  • Styles:

    • APA

    • AP

    • Chicago




  1. Copyediting includes correction of:

    • Anthropomorphic language

    • Capitalization

    • Formatting consistency

    • Grammar

    • Incomplete sentences (fragments)

    • Inconsistent use of terminology

    • Punctuation

    • Run-on sentences

    • Singular/plural disagreement

    • Spelling

    • Syntax

    • Verb tense

    • Verbosity (wordiness)

    • Voice

    • More

  2. Copyediting also includes APA referencing. Chicago and AP styles may require a small surcharge, depending on the document; please ask for a free quote. Other referencing styles will be considered, but may require a surchage if overly complex.

  3. Copyediting is thorough and complete, with comments, suggestions, and queries for your consideration. Most other editors charge a significant premium for this level of feedback.

  4. I will address flow and continuity, and suggest ways to improve the transition from one concept or topic to the next.

  5. Although I guarantee the quality of my work, I do not guarantee:

    • A particular academic grade on the completed document;

    • The meeting of requirements for graduation or other academic advancement;

    • Acceptance of an applicant into any school or program;

    • An offer of employment;

    • Retention, promotion, or tenure of a faculty member or potential faculty member;

    • Acceptance of the completed work, with or without additional revision, by any journal, magazine, or publisher; or

    • A return on investment for advertising copy.

  6. Authors are responsible for ensuring (a) that all required permissions are obtained for copyrighted text, tables, and figures; and (b) that all mathematical formulas are correct and depicted properly.



“You are a credit to your profession.” (Professor)

"Dori is a true professional. In the fall of 2014, she provided me with proofreading and editing services as I completed my graduate studies. Dori's communication throughout the process was excellent (from quote to delivery), and she delivered quality work at a reasonable price. In addition, she enabled my thoughts to be conveyed clearly and effectively, without ever changing the intention. I would recommend her services to anyone seeking a critical and thorough review of their work." (Student)


“Thank you for your careful work to produce an excellent publication. I am sure it will do much to further the image and reputation of the College. Your knowledge, skills, and attention to detail are wonderful assets!” (Dean)


“I am so appreciative of your suggestions/guidance during the past few weeks. Your professionalism, commitment to your work, and caring are truly valued. Thank you for all that you did.” (Professor)