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  • Academics/Students

    • Book chapters

    • Essays

    • Dissertations

    • Journal articles

    • Proposals

    • Reports

    • Textbooks

    • Theses


  • Applicants

    • Application essays

    • Cover letters

    • Personal statements

    • Resumes/CVs


  • Authors

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    • White papers


  • Businesses/Organizations

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    • Proposals

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The Process


  • Submit your document(s), along with

    • your name,

    • your email address,

    • your phone number (if in the United States or Canada),

    • full particulars regarding the desired services (please be specific), and

    • the date (and time, if applicable) the finished product is required, to: editor@awealthofwords.guru

  • If you are requesting copyediting, be sure to specify:

    • the version of English required for proofing (e.g., United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, etc.); 

    • the specific voice required (e.g., first-person active, third-person passive, etc.); and

    • the desired verb tense (past, present, or future, or mixture; if mixture, be sure to specify which tense should apply to each section).

  • You will receive a written estimate and an invoice for the required deposit (see the Fee Schedule).

  • If you wish to go forward with the project, pay the deposit with your debit or credit card (secure payment via PayPal).

    • You may receive questions mid-project if further information is required before the work can proceed to completion.

    • When the work has been completed, you will receive a final invoice.

  • Pay for the completed work with your debit or credit card (again, via PayPal).

    • You will receive two versions of your completed document(s). One version will contain Word's Track Changes, showing you all revisions to each document and any comments and/or questions offered for your consideration; this allows you to either accept or reject each change individually. The other will be a "clean" version of the same document, with all changes incorporated but comments still showing.



  1. Only Word documents (.doc or .docx) can be accepted at this time.

  2. All work is performed electronically; I do not work from hard-copy (printed) documents.

  3. I reserve the right to decline any project.

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Dori Fortune




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Cottonwood Heights Utah